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Does the Library have children’s books?

Question updated on Sep 10, 2013   


The Library does have children’s books, but our collections are generally limited to:

  •  Classics of children's literature (Little Women, The Little Prince, etc.)
  • "Cross-over" young adult literature (such as the Harry Potter series)
  • Children's books by prominent authors of adult fiction
  • Children's books in languages other than English
  • Some textbooks or works of non-fiction

The Special Collections Research Center holds the Encyclopaedia Britannica Collection of Children's Literature, a collection of 19th and 20th century children’s books.  These do not circulate outside of the Special Collections Research Center.

Like other items in our collection, children’s books can be located by searching the Library Catalog or Lens.  For more information, view our guide to children’s literature

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